Artistic PortraitsCindy has been an artist since childhood, and has worked in many media on any number of surfaces. Drawing, though, has always been her most enjoyable, challenging and ultimately rewarding pursuit.

She has developed a tightly rendered and highly realistic technique, using layer upon layer of colored pencil or graphite. It is a time-consuming process, but grants a richness and depth not achievable with less effort.

She strives to capture the unique personality of each subject in a playful glance, moody glare or in the tiniest gesture, offering glimpses into their character and life stage and creating a connection with the viewer. It is her goal to portray each person at his best or at her worst, but always as essentially him or herself.

On the lighter side, Cindy also draws caricatures from your photos. These are usually smaller and less involved than her portraits and make great little gifts!